In this section you will find information about Windsor’s admission requirements, policies and supports that are available to you.

To find out about Windsor’s requirements for entrance into each academic program, please
visit Windsor’s academic programs website.

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General Admissions

Windsor’s admission requirements are divided into different categories of learners that include full-time, part-time and transfer students. Each category has different requirements and admission policies. Select the category that describes you best and then find the admission requirements specific to your category.

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Aboriginal Learner Policy

During the academic year, university recruiters travel throughout Ontario to visit Aboriginal learners in many secondary schools and community organizations. These recruiters are part of the Aboriginal Post-Secondary Information Program (APSIP), a collection of Aboriginal recruiters from Ontario and Quebec colleges and universities. They’ll have the most up-to-date information about applying to your university as an Aboriginal learner.

Read more about APSIP.

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Alternative Admissions and Transition Programs

The Gateway Program attracts secondary school graduates who have the skills to succeed at university but whose final marks may not have been enough. If you are eligible, you will receive additional support through advising, academic skills development and campus resources.

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Mature Learners

If you haven’t attended a secondary school or college full time for at least 2 years, you might be considered a mature learner. Check out Windsor’s mature learner policy to find out how you can transition to university as a mature learner.

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Transfer Policies

If you are interested in transferring to Windsor from another university or college, Windsor’s website gives you helpful information on its transfers and supports. You can also check out your eligibility for course transfers through the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer, an organization that provides information on credit transfers in Ontario.

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