Student Life


At university, you can explore your interests, inside and outside of the classroom.

You will have opportunities to attend social events or join a student club. You might also like to play extracurricular sports or, if you live on campus, become involved in your residence community. In this section you will find further information about student life at Waterloo.

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Orientation Week

Orientation Week

Waterloo’s Orientation is your introduction to the academic, social and community aspects of university life. This week-long event at the start of the school year connects you to the university community, your faculty, your residence or off-campus society and, most importantly, other students.

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Clubs and Societies

General Clubs

Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus. They allow you to come together and share experiences with students who have similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions. Waterloo’s more than 150 student clubs include: political and social awareness, cultural, academic, games, religious and spiritual clubs.

Indigenous Student Clubs

The Indigenous Student Association hosts events for the Indigenous student community to celebrate heritage and promote awareness. The association welcomes all students on the Waterloo campus to join and expand their knowledge on Indigenous culture.

Student Union

Your student union plays an important role at university. The union advocates on behalf of students on campus and in the community. Members may also organize your Orientation week and student clubs. At Waterloo, you are represented by the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA).

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Varsity Athletics

Waterloo is home to the Warriors varsity sports that range from basketball, badminton and curling, to hockey, squash and volleyball. The Waterloo Warriors participate in both Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and Canadian Interuniversity Sport.

Find more information about varsity athletics at Waterloo, including try-out dates.

Recreation and Intramurals

Waterloo offers recreational sports and leagues that you can participate in regardless of your skill level. Recreational sports include hockey, dodgeball and ultimate Frisbee. Joining a team is a great way to meet other people and stay active, whether you are continuing to play a sport or starting a new one.

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Student Services

AccessAbility Services

If you have a disability that requires academic accommodation and support, AccessAbility Services is available to help. It is important to reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure that the appropriate supports are in place for you at the beginning of the school year.

For more information about supports that you can access, visit Waterloo’s AccessAbility Services website.

Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity (LGBTQ)

The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity is your place to relax, have lunch and meet people with diverse gender and sexual identities as well as allies. The oldest student organization of this kind in Canada, Glow is run entirely by dedicated student volunteers.

You can join in discussion groups, social events and awareness campaigns, or access resources and information. You can also drop by the centre during peer support hours for confidential peer support from trained volunteers.


RAISE is a student-based service that focuses on 3 pillars: Education and Advocacy, Peer to Peer Support and Community Building to address racism and xenophobia across campus. The aim is to create an environment for students that promotes equality and unity.

Multi-Faith Centre

Waterloo offers Multi-Faith Prayer Spaces on campus for people to practice their faith around campus. Students and larger groups can book these rooms.

Child Care

Three centres operating on Waterloo’s campus offer child care services for children 3 months through to school age. There are full- and half-day programs.

Contact each appropriate centre and place your child’s name on a waiting list.

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Waterloo’s Police Services work in partnership with the campus community to provide a safe and secure environment in which to work, study and live. Officers are on duty 24/7, have implemented safety programs and do regular patrols.

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