In this section you will find information about U of G’s admission requirements, policies and supports that are available to you.

To find out about U of G’s requirements for entrance into each academic program, visit the U of G admission website.

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General Admissions

U of G’s admission requirements are divided into different student categories: High school, transfer and mature students.

Select the category that describes you best, then review the category-specific admission requirements and policies.

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Indigenous Student Policy

First Nations, Inuit and Métis students are encouraged to complete U of G’s Student Profile Form as a means to share more about themselves and receive more personalized consideration for admission.

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Alternative Admissions and Transition Programs

START Online is your online partner that helps prepare you for student life. From June through to September we will be with you every step of the way as you get ready to come to campus. STARTonline works in tandem with START Here, a calendar for #futuregryphons. Every day we will post blogs on STARTonline from our campus partners that coincide with some of the timelines on START Here. Find out what you need to know, when you need it most.

START Aboriginal

START Aboriginal is a 2-day program designed to help you learn more about life at U of G and the many people on campus who are here to help you succeed at university. You are invited to move in early and spend time on campus. As part of the program, you attend sessions on academic expectations and financial management, engage with senior students, find your classrooms and find out what you can expect during Orientation Week.

Introduction to SAS

The Introduction to SAS program allows students who are new to the University of Guelph and who have a disability to meet SAS staff members and begin the transition process. We’ll help orient you to SAS programs and services, university supports and discuss the transition to university as a student with a disability. This will include a break-out session for parents and students. Students are asked to register ahead of time.

START Accessible

START Accessible plays a critical role in helping students who use SAS services to become familiar with the campus environment and learn about supports available throughout the year. We’ll cover everything from classroom accommodations to exams, with lots of opportunities to make friends and get settled in.

START on Track

Let START on Track help. Make half an hour for us and we’ll help you find a way to create at least that much time back in your week. Succeeding at university is about more than how well you study and how much time you put into your classes; there’s a big wide world of things you need to do at university, and we can help you make it a little bit easier regardless of where you are at right now. Ninety percent of participants from previous years recommend this program, saying it helped improve their confidence and academic performance.

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Mature Students

If you have not attended a high school full time for at least 2 years and have never been registered at a university or college, you are considered a mature student. View U of G’s mature student admission requirements to find out how you can transition to university.

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Transfer Policies

If you are interested in transferring to U of G from another university or college, visit U of G’s website for more information about admission requirements for transfer students.

You can also find out if you are eligible for course transfers through the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer, an organization that provides information about credit transfers in Ontario.

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