Academic Programs and Supports


You can choose from a variety of academic programs at UOF and will likely find a program that sparks your interest. This section lists some examples of the academic programs you can take at UOF.

Academic Programs

UOF’s faculty members care deeply about student learning. They teach as a team to combine their strengths and best support individual student achievement. As researchers, they collaborate to meet the needs of communities, institutions and businesses that seek justice, equity and prosperity.

UOF provides cutting-edge learning opportunities across digital platforms, allowing you to fully participate in your courses either on campus or remotely.

UOF offers 4 bachelor programs that are structured as follows:

  • Core curriculum (30 credits): Transdisciplinary workshops, integrated projects and a linguistic and intercultural portfolio.
  • Thematic (78 credits): Half of these credits are required; the other half optional.
  • Optional courses (12 credits): Credits selected outside of the program.

Digital Culture

Are you a creative person or an entrepreneur interested in new technologies?

This honours bachelor’s degree examines creativity, innovation and the challenges of the digital age. Explore new forms of human interaction, communication and creation using digital media and technologies, including artificial intelligence, social media, video games, virtual reality, art and advertising.

Examples of job opportunities:

  • Multimedia designer
  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising specialist
  • Communications professional
  • Artistic producer or director

Economy and Social Innovation

Do you want to contribute to economic and social innovation?

This honours bachelor’s degree explores the socio-economic transformations that reshape the world locally and globally, the issues they raise for community development and the possibilities they present for social innovation.

Students in this program develop their knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, organizational management and human resources, social responsibility, sustainable development and social economics.

Examples of job opportunities:

  • Socio-economic planner
  • Community economic development officer
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Policy analyst
  • Development expert
  • Human resources officer
  • Talent acquisition specialist
  • Empowerment or agile coach

Urban Environments

Do you want to contribute to the design of cities at a time of ecological transition?

This honours bachelor’s degree explores urban environments and human activity, including the study of architecture, public spaces, personal mobility networks and the movement of goods and services, as well as social and cultural practices in the context of smart cities.

This program offers a broad perspective on design, urban planning, sustainable resource management and social interventions.

Examples of job opportunities:

  • Urban planner
  • Policy analyst
  • Environmental compliance officer
  • Municipal services inspector

Human Plurality

Do you want to change the world?

This honours bachelor’s degree addresses human diversity by focusing on the social processes and ethical challenges that mark contemporary societies: Migration and refugees, multiculturalism, multilingualism, management of diversity, discrimination and social exclusion, racism and oppression, gender and sexuality, inter-generational relationships and the transformation of the human body through technology.

Examples of job opportunities:

  • Policy analyst
  • Civil service manager or executive
  • Social service worker
  • Community development worker
  • Non-profit organization manager or employee
  • Diversity specialist

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