Orientation Week Activities


All Ontario universities host orientation programs and events for first-year students. These activities can last for a few days or a week. They’re meant to help you familiarize yourself with campus, learn about activities and supports you can access, meet new friends and have fun. It’s a great time to meet others in your faculty, residence and academic program, as part of your transition to university life. Keep an eye out for invitations in your admissions packages to sign up for orientation week.

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Residence Orientation

Your residence might have special programming to help you get to know your neighbours and learn more about the building you’ll be living in. Upper-year students may host tours, floor meetings, and fun programming.

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Off-Campus Orientation

Living off campus doesn’t mean you are excluded from activities during orientation week. Many universities have specific orientation week activities for first-year students living off campus to introduce you to the campus community that can include concerts, performances and team activities. You can learn more about these programs on our university profiles.

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Faculty Orientation

Your faculty may also set up specific programming so that you can meet fellow students in your program before your first day of class.

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Aboriginal Learners’ Programming

Be sure to reach out to your university’s Aboriginal student centre. Some Aboriginal student centres offer early move-in programs to beat the rush of move-in day. Check out our university profiles to find out what programming each Aboriginal student centre offers during orientation week.

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