Athletics and Recreation


If you competed in sports in secondary school, universities can offer you a range of options to stay involved. You can represent your university as a varsity athlete, competing against other Ontario universities in a variety of sports, or you can stay active by participating in recreational sports and activities on campus. This section provides information on varsity sports, intramural sports and recreational activities offered at Ontario universities.

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Varsity Sports

Varsity sports are the athletic teams and athletes who officially represent your university in competitions against other universities. Varsity sports may include football, hockey, basketball, soccer, golf, volleyball and track, among others. Check out the Ontario University Athletics website for more information on coaches, statistics, sports played at each university, try-out dates and recruiting.

You can also check out the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) website, which is the national governing body of university sport in Canada. The CIS website gives you information on national university sports rankings and on sporting events across Canada.
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Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are non-competitive sports and activities at universities that give everyone a chance to play in a fun environment. You can usually choose from a wide range of sports including basketball, volleyball, inner tube water polo and ultimate Frisbee. Some universities even have Quidditch teams! Check out our university profiles for more about intramural sports at your university.

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Recreational Activities

Universities also have athletic centres where you can work out. These centres usually provide cardio equipment, weight-lifting platforms and equipment, free weights and skipping ropes. Your university’s gym could offer recreational programs, such as cycle-fit, personal training and Zumba, to help you stay fit during the school year. These programs can vary in price and availability, so check out our university profiles for programs at your university.

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