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How do I ensure that I am meeting progression requirements to complete my degree program?

You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the regulations set out in the academic calendar. An academic calendar outlines important dates you will need to know, like when terms begin and end, when exams will be held and when you will have your reading week breaks. You will also need to make sure you know the final dates to add and drop courses and the financial deadlines associated with registration, including final refund dates. You will usually find the academic calendar you need on your faculty’s website, or you can ask your university’s registrar for more information about finding the academic calendar you need.

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Can my parents access my academic information?

Due to privacy laws, your student record information (including application, admission and/or registration information) will not be released to your parents or guardian without your written authorization. To give your parents or guardians access to your student record information, you’ll need to fill out release of information forms. You might be able to find these forms online through the website where you register for your courses, or you can contact your university’s registrar for more information.

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Is residence right for me?

Residence is convenient – your classes are only minutes away, and you will live in a furnished room, eat meals prepared for you in the dining hall and have the resources of staff and programming designed to assist and support you in your academic and personal life.  Many of you will also meet others who will become lifelong friends. However, those wishing a higher level of privacy or personal space, and freedom from regulation and supervision, may find that living in residence is not the best choice for them.

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When should I start my housing search?

You should begin your housing search at least 4 weeks before your planned move-in date. Giving yourself plenty of time to search allows you to explore more housing options and reduces the stress of a last-minute housing search. One place to begin your search is your university’s off-campus housing listings, which often include rental advertisements. When you are searching for an apartment, search regularly and persistently. Check for new ads daily, and visit as many units as possible. Research what typical rental rates are for the area you are searching in, and bring an inspection checklist when you visit units so you can do thorough checks and have records about what you think of each place you visit.

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I have a question about my degree requirements. Whom should I contact?

Your university’s academic advisors are your first point of contact for help navigating degree requirements and making sure you are taking the courses you need to finish your program of study. You may also want to contact your future or current department with questions about course selection.

This article is based on FAQs on the websites of Trent University, Carleton University and the University of Toronto.

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