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How can I stay healthy?

Sometimes university life can feel like a daily juggling act among classes, friends and work. Taking time for yourself might not always make your urgent to-do list. To help you move toward a healthier and more balanced life, your university offers mental, physical and spiritual health services with the goal of wellness in body, mind and spirit.

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Mental Health and Counselling Services


One of the most important things you can do to maintain good mental health is pay attention to sleep, exercise and nutrition. If you need to improve your habits, reach out to your university’s mental health or counselling services, whether you’re seeking one-on-one counselling, online resources or workshops on topics like developing your time management and study skills.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can access support on campus to help you with whatever you may be facing, including transitioning to university and meeting new people, and dealing with anxiety and stress around assignments and exams. It is important to ask for assistance as soon as you need it – people on campus are ready to help you. You are not alone.

Explore our university profiles for the mental health services at your university.

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Medical Health Services


Many university campuses offer access to doctors, nurses, nutritionists, chiropractors and other medical services so you don’t have to go far if you need medical care, a referral or a prescription refill.

Many of these services are included in your fees, but if you already have additional health and dental benefits coverage you might want to opt out of your university’s health plan or fees. Talk to a representative of your student union or a staff member at the Aboriginal student centre.

Check out our university profiles to find out your university’s medical services.

Spiritual Health ServicesSpiritual Health Services

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Spiritual Health Services


Another way to stay grounded during your studies is to access spiritual health services on campus, such as the Multi-Faith resource centre or the Aboriginal student centre. Staff and volunteers are trained professionals who can meet and talk with you, provide spiritual support and refer you to other resources on campus that might be useful to you.

Many Aboriginal student centres also have Elders who visit campus for counselling, teachings and ceremonies, as part of an important linkage to local Aboriginal communities.

Academics IconWellness Resources

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Wellness Resources


Here are 2 resources that offer tips on how to stay healthy during your studies:

  • Accessible Campus is a resource website for educators and learners who would like to learn more about accessibility issues, including mental health. This website has student profiles that showcases a number of videos about learners who have accessed supports and overcome physical, learning and mental health barriers to succeed in school.
  • More Feet on the Ground is a resource website that helps you to recognize, respond to and refer students experiencing mental health issues on campus. It also outlines each university’s mental health services available to students.