Watch Aboriginal Learner Success Stories!

The Future Further video contest asked Aboriginal learners in Ontario to answer the question: “What made you successful at your university?” Students defined “success” any way they chose – from personal growth to obstacles overcome to academic development.


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Video Contest Winner

Stephanie Seymour from Lakehead University

Stephanie, who is from Garden River First Nation, is a graduate student in the first year of her PhD program in Forest Sciences at Lakehead University. She credits her success at university to hard work, not being afraid of adventure, loving what she does and being part of a team. Stephanie’s video shows that even though her journey has not always been easy, it has made her stronger in the end. She also highlights the importance of being a role model, having good role models to look up to and being involved in the school community. Of course, she also stresses the importance of coffee during those late nights of studying!

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