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Where will I find community?

Connecting with your community on campus is important whether you are attending a university that’s far from home or one just around the corner. To help with your transition to university life and study, an Aboriginal student centre is located at each of Ontario’s universities. The centre provides a safe and supportive environment to help you to balance your academic learning with traditional teachings and culture.

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Aboriginal Student Centres


Aboriginal student centres provide First Nations, Métis and Inuit learners with a sense of community and a home away from home on campus. They also provide valuable cultural and academic supports that you may need as you work toward achieving your academic and personal goals. The centres are well-connected to local Aboriginal communities, and this relationship enriches both the student learners and the campus community.

This section lists services and programs you might find at your university’s Aboriginal student centre. For more information on a specific Aboriginal student centre, check out that university’s profile.

Group of People Cultural

  • Elder in Residence
  • Cultural Workshops
  • Feasts and Gatherings

Cultural Programming

Elder in Residence

Elders frequently visit campuses to provide counselling and traditional teachings, and to lead ceremonies throughout the year. If you’d like to meet with an Elder, reach out to your university’s Aboriginal student centre.

Cultural Workshops

Participation in workshops is a great way for you to meet other members of the Aboriginal community, learn a cultural skill and de-stress from your studies and exams. Workshops you could take include beading, drum-making, moccasin-making and traditional cooking. For more information on workshops and events, reach out to your university’s Aboriginal student centre.

Feasts and Gatherings

Gatherings, socials and pot lucks are another opportunity for you to connect with fellow Aboriginal learners and, at the same time, feast on your favourite Indigenous foods. Gatherings might include local drummers and dancers, soup and bannock days and weekly or monthly feasts.

Academic SupportAcademic Support

  • Academic Supports
  • Study Spaces and Computer Labs

Academic Support

Academic Supports

Each Aboriginal student centre offers you a range of academic supports in areas that include course registration, academic counselling and tutoring. You could also choose to join mentorship programs and learning circles led by your peers and Elders.

Study Spaces and Computer Labs

Aboriginal student centres offer you another place to study in addition to the library, your apartment or your residence. Centres are usually equipped with computers, printers and Internet access. Some even offer after-hours access, if you request it.

Managing MoneyFinancial Aid Assistance

  • Overview
  • Job and Volunteer Opportunities

Financial Aid Assistance


Staff at the Aboriginal student centres have first-hand knowledge of internal and external funding sources available to Aboriginal learners. If you need assistance, reach out to one of them. They can help you to fill out applications for funding as well as write reference letters for you.

Job and Volunteer Opportunities

The Aboriginal student centre may offer work study and volunteer opportunities that include acting as a student mentor, summer camp coordinator or ambassador. Work study opportunities allow you to work part-time on campus in a job that accommodates your studies. If you’re more interested in simply volunteering, consider helping out the centre itself. Many of the centre’s programs are made possible due only to the support of dedicated volunteers.

Group of PeopleCommunity Engagement

  • Outreach Programs

Community Engagement

Outreach Programs

Some Aboriginal student centres may offer programs that will allow you to become engaged with local Aboriginal communities, which could include assisting in youth-focused programs such as March Break programming, summer camps, recruitment fairs and mentoring.